TAS 2024 | MAD Mike will compete in D1GP 2024 with a 4-rotor RX-3 Wagon

Toyo Tires brand ambassador MAD Mike and President Takashi Shimizu showcased this stunning new car at the press conference.


First, let's introduce the Mazda RX-3 Wagon, which is MAD Mike's beloved car that he competed with 20 years ago in New Zealand. This time, they have reworked and modified the vehicle, incorporating MAD Mike's ideas, with the vehicle modification being carried out by their long-term partner, TCP Magic.





This car is equipped with a 4-rotor naturally aspirated engine, with a maximum output of approximately 600 horsepower. This engine shares the same R26B engine as Mazda's legendary race car, the "787B." The specially tuned engine is known for its high-revving peak horsepower.





The vehicle is equipped with Haltech's computer and ECU. The radiator is manufactured by PCR, while the fuel lines, pump, and fuel tank are provided by Radium Engineering, with tuning handled by TM LABO. The driveshaft is manufactured by The Driveshaft Shop and features a quick-shifting differential.


The vehicle's transmission is a hydraulic sequential gearbox manufactured by HGT, specifically designed for drifting. The suspension system utilizes KW dampers, while the braking system features Wilwood products, with 4-piston calipers on the front wheels and a dual caliper design on the rear. As for the seats, the vehicle is equipped with Bride's full bucket seats, with both seats installed in the central position of the vehicle, which is a remarkable design.





The exterior of the vehicle is absolutely impeccable. They have chosen the Rocket Bunny kit, which was hurriedly completed by Kei Miura, representing Rocket Bunny, just before the Tokyo Auto Salon. The kit is crafted using 3D scanning technology to ensure a perfect fit. The design of the fender flares allows for the installation of 17-inch tires. The front and rear feature flat-style under lips and a wing, creating a wild and race-inspired appearance.


In terms of wheels, they have chosen designs from Rotiform. The front and rear wheels feature different styles, adding a touch of uniqueness. Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of MAD Mike's personal logo, the initials "MM," engraved on the front wheels. This is a special design element that showcases his personal branding.


Another impressive highlight of this car is the stunning one-piece roll cage. Due to the inherent lack of rigidity in regular passenger cars, this vehicle has undergone extensive modifications with the roll cage integrated throughout various positions of the vehicle. It is painted in the same color as the body, giving it a factory-like appearance.





In terms of tires, this car is equipped with Toyo Tires' product, the high-grip "PROXES R888RD." The front wheels use 195mm tires, while the rear wheels utilize 225mm tires, both in a 15-inch size.


In the 2023 season, Mike participated in the globally renowned drifting championship, FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN (FDJ). After competing in the Pikes Peak event last year, he decided to forgo participating in the entire season's competitions as he aimed to focus more on overseas events this year. Instead, he made the decision to participate in the D1GP, a competition he has long admired.