Mainland China and Macau Regional Final Comes to a Close | 2nd Challenger Cup

Organized by Z-Challenger, “The 2nd Challenger Cup - Asian Digital Motorsport Championship” Regional Finals are held online throughout February. Grand Finalists of Mainland China and Macau were selected in the previous weekends. In GT3 Open class, Jia Hao Hu acquired the position of Mainland China regional representative. For Macau, Mosquito Lai and Matthew Chong will progress to the Asia Grand Final as GT3 Open and TCR Open class representatives respectively.
The “2nd Challenger Cup - Asian Digital Motorsport Championship” was announced last September, the seeded drivers were selected successfully through the online qualifiers. All regions are fully ready to host their own regional finals. The best non-seeded drivers from each region will join the twelfth seeded drivers and compete at the Asia Finals. The Hong Kong Regional Final was held offline last November but the regional finals of other countries will be held online.

The Macau Regional Final was held on 6th of February, races of GT3 Open, GT4 Junior and TCR Open were completed. The competition in GT3 Open was considerably more intense, Sky Lai was crowned champion after two races. Mosquito Lai, who is a seeded driver, gained 1st runner-up with the highest score in race 2. In GT4 Junior class, Oscar Lou gained two consecutive victories, successfully progressed to the Asia Grand Final with the other two seeded drivers - Hei Leong and Chak Hin Pun. For TCR Open, seeded driver Sabino Lei took the first place, Matthew Chong advanced to the grand final as regional representative.

As for the China division of the championship, a very exciting GT3 Open Regional Final took place last Saturday, 12th of February. Seeded driver Gary Huang took the overall victory after two races, while non-seeded driver Jia Hao Hu became the first runner up of the weekend, therefore became the regional representative of Mainland China and will face off other drivers at the asia regional final. The Chinese TCR regional final will be contested on 27th of February together with drivers from several other countries to determine the representative of each region.

The Indonesia and Philippines GT4 Junior Regional Finals will be held this Saturday on the 19th of February. Other regional finals will also be held on the weekend of the week after the next week. Racers will battle all out to claim the final tickets of the Asia Grand Final held later this year.