Gran Turismo 7: 1st February Weekly Challenges and Time Trial

This week in Gran Turismo 7, five new weekly challenge races and a new time trial are now available. Complete them and there are prizes to be earned, like credits and roulette tickets.


It is Thursday which means a new reset in the Gran Turismo 7 weekly challenges, and also a new Sport Mode Lap Time Challenge available for all players. Here is all you need to know if you are planning on tackling this week’s new GT7 limited-time events.


Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges, w/c 1st February 2024


For this week, you will need the following: A Suzuki Jimny, a Tesla Model 3, a car of 600 Performance Points or less, a Vision Gran Turismo car of 850 Performance Points or less and a car of 700 Performance Points or less.


Here are the events:


  • Jimny Cup, Lake Louise Short Track Reverse – 3 laps – Suzuki Jimny XC – 1st 35,000 credits
  • Special Event, Blue Moon Bay Speedway Infield A – 3 laps – Tesla Model 3 Performance – 1st 35,000 credits
  • World Touring Car 600, Tokyo Expressway South Counterclockwise – 5 laps – Any car below 600 Performance Points – 1st 80,000 credits
  • Vision Gran Turismo Trophy, Autodromo Nazionale Monza – 5 laps – Any Vision Gran Turismo car below 850 Performance Points – 1st 85,000 credits
  • World Touring Car 700, Mount Panorama – 7 laps – Any car below 700 Performance Points – Racing Tyres, 10x fuel consumption, 15x wear – 1st 165,000 credits





To meet the requirement needed to complete the weekly challenges, third-place finishes are the minimum target. The maximum payout totals to 400,000, which does not include the 50% increase if you manage to earn the Clean Race Bonus. That then totals to 600,000 credits!


As you complete the events, you’ll also earn bonus prizes, which this week are as follows:


  • Complete one event – 6-Star Roulette Ticket (Parts)
  • Complete three events – Credit Ticket, 200,000
  • Complete five events – 5-Star Roulette Ticket


For the Jimny Cup race, you will need to upgrade your car in the Tuning Shop since all the opponents will have modified cars. But if you completed the Jimny Cup Bonus Menu when the car was introduced in last week’s update, then you most likely have already done that.


Gran Turismo 7 Lap Time Challenge, w/c 1st February 2024


New for this week also is once again a Lap Time Challenge. For the next two weeks, players have the chance to set as quick a lap time as possible and all players who fall within a certain percentage of the best time can earn credits.


The new time trial for this week is on the Autopolis International Racing Course and can be driven in any car that is part of the Gr. 4 category. Once again, does not matter if you own any car as they can be rented.





With multiple cars being available, they will be subject to Balance of Performance. The car with the highest base Performance Points value is the Alfa Romeo 155, and its horsepower and weight goes from 413 BHP and 1,010kg to 335 BHP and 1,210kg.


Whilst the car with lowest base Performance Points is the Mazda Atenza which goes from 393 BHP and 1,380kg to 381 BHP and retains its weight. Ultimately it will come down to driver preference, so feel free to try out multiple cars to see which one fits you best.


The consensus in the Gran Turismo 7 community however seems to be that the MAZDA3 is the one to go for. It does retain its power and weight after BoP so it does lend credence to the idea.





Autopolis is a track with a lot of long slow speed traction zones, so maybe a front wheel drive car will have more stability? Feel free to report back with how you find a range of cars to be handling the circuit.


As ever, reward payouts are on a sliding scale and paid out once entry is closed on 15 February:


  • Within 3% of the world record time – Gold – 2,000,000 credits
  • Within 5% of the world record time – Silver – 1,000,000 credits
  • Within 10% of the world record time – Bronze – 250,000 credits


Remember, throughout the entry period, the target times will get smaller as more people set times. So if you set a time within 3% of the world record time today, by the time the event ends it may not even be within 10%.


Below are the regulations:


  • Entry Period: 1 February 2024 – 6:59 am GMT 15 February 2024
  • Track: Autopolis International Racing Course
  • Category: Gr.4
  • Useable tyres: Racing Hard, Intermediate or Wet
  • BoP/Tuning Prohibited: Mid-speed
  • Car settings: Specified
  • Shortcut Penalty, Wall Collision Penalty: Invalidate Time