MOZA Racing Releases Sleek SGP Sequential Shifter

The MOZA SGP Sequential Shifter is the newest addition to the Chinese company’s line-up. Partnering the HGP H-pattern shifter, the SGP comes in at just £105/€139/$129.


Made from aerospace grade Aluminium and high-quality steel, the SGP shifter is built and designed for adjustability and personalization. Included is a multi-functional handle, a non-contact Hall sensor for consistent performance and customizable RGB backlit buttons. A changeable M12 x 1.5 sized shift knob and seamless PC connectivity are also part of the package.


Compatibility And Adjustability


Direct USB connectivity provides effortless compatibility for all PC-based sim racers. However, console racers will need to have an appropriate MOZA wheelbase for the shifter to connect to. You should not have any issues if you already have one of MOZA’s later R series DD bases.


As with any MOZA product, the Pithouse software can be used to customise and set up the SGP sequential shifter from personalizing button colours and brightness to syncing the shifter paddle and sequential settings.


Adjustable within a 64mm range, the SGP shifter encourages sim racers to adjust and customise their shifter to fit themselves, and their rig, perfectly. Whether it be for touring cars, GT or rally cars, the SGP shifter is looking like a serious competitor in the tightly-contested world of sequential shifters.