TAS 2024|World debut of the new Toyota GR Yaris at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

With the FIA certification of the GR Yaris Rally2 on January 1, 2024, it signifies that the overall production of the GR Yaris has exceeded the level of 25,000 units. Taking advantage of this momentum, Toyota unveiled an enhanced version of the GR Yaris at the Tokyo Auto Salon, featuring the newly developed 8-speed automatic "GR-DAT" variant, aiming to expand the foundation of motorsport. The enhanced versions are currently planned to be available for sale at Toyota dealerships nationwide in Japan around spring 2024.全國的豐田汽車銷售店販售。


A better vehicle manufacturing starting from motorsport


Since the launch of the GR Yaris, TGR (Toyota Gazoo Racing) has been actively involved in various motorsport activities. They have continuously pushed the limits in extreme environments, following the philosophy of 'break it, fix it,' while listening to feedback from professional drivers, test drivers, and Toyota's President, Morizo. They have implemented a 'driver-centric vehicle manufacturing' approach. This time, they have adopted the slogan 'Thank you for breaking it' to express gratitude to those drivers who push the vehicles to their limits. They have incorporated their feedback into the powertrain, chassis, exterior, and interior, resulting in an overall improvement in vehicle performance.


The newly developed 8-speed GR-DAT automatic transmission


Under the desire of Morizo to provide driving enjoyment to as many people as possible and expand the foundation of motorsport, the new 8-speed automatic transmission "GR-DAT" has been developed based on the essence of the GR Yaris - a 1.6L inline-three turbocharged engine paired with four-wheel drive. This creates a car that allows a wide range of drivers to fully enjoy sporty driving and participate in motorsport. The pursuit of creating better cars based on motorsport is endless. TGR will continue to use the GR Yaris in competitions and collaborate with diverse drivers to further enhance the GR Yaris.


The visibility and operability of the "GR-style cockpit" refined in collaboration with professional drivers


They consider the cockpit as a crucial element in achieving high-performance driving and have collaborated with professional drivers to pursue the concept of a "sport-oriented cockpit." They have reevaluated the driver's position and drew inspiration from the Super Taikyu series and the All Japan Rally Championship cars. They have positioned the control panel and display at a 15-degree tilt towards the driver's side. Additionally, they have designed a user-friendly switch layout that allows for easy operation even when the driver is securely fastened in the seat with a seatbelt, enhancing visibility and operability.