CHRIS TSANG claimed a brilliant third place in the Australian OOR SIMAGIC GT3 CUP international category

Earlier, Chris represented ZCR in the OOR Simagic GT3 Cup online series, competing against numerous Asian ACC experts. Although it took some time to fully adapt to the McLaren race car at the beginning of the season, as the season progressed, Chris deepened his understanding of the 720S EVO and found the driving techniques, continuously improving his speed. In the final two rounds at Monza and Spa, Chris achieved fifth and fourth places respectively, finishing the season with an impressive third place in the international category.





After finishing in fourth place, his personal best of the season, at the closing race in Spa, Chris stated, "This competition featured several strong teams and experts from the Asia-Pacific region, such as Dillan Tan from Legion of Racers, Boquida from BS+Competition, as well as Visceral Esport and Alpha Venturi Racing. So initially, I saw this series as a learning opportunity. In the first race at Paul Ricard, I started from the 10th position, but as I increased my practice hours and became more accustomed to driving the 720S Evo, I was able to consistently start in the top five positions in the final two races. And ultimately, I achieved a remarkable third-place finish in the international category at the conclusion of the entire series."