Race Result|Challenger's Touge Attack - Otarumi Stage

The Time Attack event that lasted throughout April has finally come to a successful end, with 53 participants registered. Apart from a group of local joiners, the other competitors came from various countries and regions, including mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Poland, Indonesia, the Philippines, Germany, Thailand, and Malaysia.


In the end, the Polish racer StV Blazo emerged as the winner with a Best Time of 1:20.008, while the second and third place racers recorded very close times, with Hong Kong's KYO YIM clocking in at 1:20.313 and Indonesia's Daffa Ardiansa at 1:20.494. It is worth noting that the champion, StV Blazo, only took 22 laps to surpass the fastest time of this event, demonstrating exceptional adaptability!



1st StV Blazo|1:20.008
2nd KYO YIM|1:20.313
3rd Daffa Ardiansa|1:20.494