The Drivers|Toyota Cresta JZX100


As a Japanese car enthusiast, it is well known that in the 1980s, all car manufacturers made every effort to introduce various car models to satisfy customers. The Toyota Chaser, Cresta, and Mark II were born in this context. At that time, the Cresta was the most luxurious of the three and could only be seen at Toyota's premium dealership, VISTA. However, starting from the fifth generation (X100), its sales began to decline, and it became a less popular four-door family car. Nevertheless, the owner, Carson, has always been fond of this car model. By chance, he successfully brought this 1998 Cresta Roulant G JZX100 back from Japan and carefully transformed it into a street car with excellent balance for drifting.


In addition to playing with 1:1 real cars, Carson also loves playing with 1:64 scale model cars. He established his own brand "Sekimura Workshop" a few years ago and launched a series of ultra-realistic model car dress-up kits, wheels, and accessories. He also puts a lot of effort into creating different model car works, hoping to showcase his unique aesthetic and promote the culture of playing with model cars around the world.



Producer|Alywin Chan

Videography|Kitx Chu/Alywin Chan

Editing|Alex Law/Kitx Chu

Owner|Carson @carsonkwan @sekimura_workshop