The Drivers|Honda Civic Mugen RR


Yiu, who loves classic Japanese cars, began laying the foundation for his automotive business by buying parts for his friends from Japan years ago. He officially launched his JDM specialty store, "Auto Racing," before the JDM craze. After working hard and earning his first pot of gold, he fulfilled his dream of owning this Civic Mugen RR. The Mugen RR, which had a limited release of 300 units, has increased in value over time, along with other classic JDM cars, and it is not surprising that its value has reached a million dollars. Moreover, each upgrade part of the RR is specially made and cannot be found elsewhere. If any part is damaged, it must be ordered as a one-for-one replacement with the old part. From concept to craftsmanship, it is like creating a work of art, which explains why Yiu is so attached to this RR.


In addition to collecting classic cars, Yiu has always been passionate about motorsports. Inspired by drift racing, he founded the "Team ARC" racing team and worked with his team members to compete in races while promoting drift culture. Next month, they will showcase their drifting skills at the IMXHK Outdoor Adventure event which is an event that car enthusiasts should not miss!



Producer|Alywin Chan

Videography|Kitx Chu/Alywin Chan

Editing|Alex Law/Kitx Chu

Owner|JS Yiu @autoracing_hkg

Venue|Auto Racing Parts & Service Co. Ltd.