Z-Challenger Racing VLOG-MCGP Day 6


19 Nov – Day 6


F4 – #82 Royce Yu

Today's Race 1 started, and Royce maintained his level and even rose to fourth place at one point. However, his car was involved in a collision at the Lisboa corner, which damaged some of its components and prevented it from going all out. In the end, Arau had to settle for fifth place in the race.


TCR – #28 LoSzeHo



TCR – #13 Jason Mok

Before the race, Jason replaced the brake components and brake pads and did a final test and bed-in procedure. During the race, he even rose to fourth place at one point, but unfortunately, he was involved in an accident during the 8th or 9th lap and went off the track. After reviewing the data, it was found that the brake components overheated, which caused the accident. They will make adjustments before tomorrow's Race 2 and aim for a better result.