FIA Motorsport Games-Karting Endurance|Post Race Thoughts

Recently, Hong Kong representative Keiko Wong, along with three other athletes, Chung Po Yan, Ho Man Cheong, and Yeung Tak, completed a 240-minute race at Circuit Paul Ricard in France. The day before the race, each athlete only had 15 minutes of practice time. After the practice, different teams encountered various issues, but the four of them worked hard to overcome the problems and finished the race in 14th place.


Keiko stated that she had not been on the track for almost three years, and the lack of practice time before the race made it difficult for her to adjust to the new car and get familiar with it. In addition, with so many skilled competitors in the race, there was inevitably some pressure. However, representing Hong Kong in France to compete and experiencing different skilled competitors was a valuable experience. Keiko hopes to return to the race track as soon as possible and regain her form.