The Drivers|Nissan Sileighty


When it comes to the anime Initial D, most car enthusiasts only think of popular models like the AE86, RX-7, GT-R, and Evolution, with the Sileighty hybrid car only being a "supporting" character. However, car owner Thomas has a different idea and passion, making this unique Sileighty hybrid car his childhood dream, and he decided to restore the "Impact Blue" look from the anime by himself.


In the new series "The Drivers", we will interview car owners in Hong Kong or other regions, not only showcasing various styles of vehicles but also hoping to let everyone get to know them and understand the different stories behind each car.



Producer|Alywin Chan

Videography|Kitx Chu/Andy Ma

Editing|Alex Law/Alywin Chan

Owner|Thomas @sil80_hk

Venue|EN-Pro Auto 汽車服務中心