What is Your Favourite Racing Game for Screenshots?

A good looking racing game is only half of what one needs for top screenshots. A complete photo mode is a requirement to getting the perfect shot. So which title has the best combination of these? Let us know in the comments.


In recent years, graphics in games have become increasingly an area of progress, and not just in the sim racing industry. But titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Alan Wake 2 alongside sim racing’s own Automobilista 2, a modded Assetto Corsa and the Forza franchise are looking more and more life-like.


The result is communities forming around the desire to extract the prettiest screen captures possible from their games. Once more, this is especially the case in the sim racing world. Entire Instagram pages dedicate themselves to impressive screenshots from racing games. But what is the best title in which to take said images?





If you are a lover of virtual photography and enjoy showcasing a game in its best light, let us know in the comments or online which games you use the most to take your racing screenshots. Also, let us know what makes each game good in its own right.


Editor’s Take

Before getting into my personal go-to games for virtual motorsport photography, it is worth noting what I look for. In fact, as aforementioned, a stunning graphics engine is just half of the story when it comes to the best pictures.


What really enables the best screenshots is surely a functional and feature-full photo mode. Usable free cameras and the ability to track cars in motion are a must. In addition, being able to easily alter aperture – the amount of soft focus – and the focal point are equally crucial. It is these two blur enabling settings that allow games to recreate real-life panoramas.





Finally, one must mention that any game that allows for rapid environment modifications means shots can change greatly. Sure, rapidly changing the time of day or weather is not realistic. But it adds to the art.


My Favourite Racing Games for Screenshots


With that in mind, there is no denying that Assetto Corsa remains one of the easiest game for taking stunning images. Thanks to the many mods brought in over the years, the title’s photo mode is essentially a professional camera. When linked to the Cam Tool 2 and Drone Camera, both available on RaceDepartment, this camera comes alive.


Like real life, this comes with a functional polarising lens and allows filters to alter colours, much like how film types impact real images. Elsewhere, one can change the time of day with ease, so perfectly lit shots are a given.





Whilst not quite as functional its original sibling, Assetto Corsa Competizione also can produce some gorgeous racing game screenshots. In the past, we have put together a guide on taking pictures in ACC. But the gist of it is, working the camera and depth of field can be tricky. One you have a grasp of the controls however, both moving and stationary shots are amazing.


Finally, Automobilista 2 has also recently given me the urge to take more shots. Whilst attempting to show off the most recent LMDh cars, I found that the photo mode is much akin to that of ACC. However, its integration of depth of field controls appears to outdo the official SRO title. In fact, setting up both depth of field blur and motion blur are as simple as a few clicks.


It is worth pointing out that iRacing can often look fantastic. Professional screenshotters manage to extract high quality snaps from some of the industry’s top events. However, for the everyday racer, it is about as user friendly as an Apache attack helicopter.