Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: New Off-road Gameplay, But Release Date Absent

There’s new gameplay footage for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, with three players working together to find collectables off-road – but, no release window. Yet.


During a Nacon Connect presentation, fresh footage of collaborative off-road exploring was showcased, picking up credits and finding an abandoned Beetle.


The environment looks dense in comparison to earlier images and footage released, although these are all features previously discussed for the, as Nacon calls it MOOR, “Massively Open Online Racing” game.





The KT Engine technology is not known for replicating engine sounds particularly well, but at least the Lancia Delta here sounds distinct, and the gravel tracks look to be extensive.


The boxy hatchback is joined by the electric Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo and brawny Ford F-150 Raptor and what looks to be a photo mode is showcased.


Nearly 300 items (collectables) are said to be scattered around the 1:1 Hong Kong Island recreation. Dust and water-splash particle effects are missing, but the development team is “still working on integrating and optimizing these.”


Development Update





The Kylotonn, or KT Racing, development team has explained that creating the environment alone has taken over three years and each car model between three and four months.


A main focus for the title, which is expected to be a live platform, at this stage is said to be “mitigate risks associated with technical problems” when the expected “hundreds of thousands of players” arrive.


Missing release date


In July last year, developers KT Racing said that it would “hope to see you in early 2024,”, but it is now nearly March and there’s no news.


In a developer letter to fans, the team is keen to stress it would prefer to wait for it to be “as smooth, stable and fun as can be” before pegging an exact date.





“Many of you have already pointed this out to us: take the time to release a game that matches your expectations” reads the statement.


“That’s why we’re working flat out on several aspects, including the stability of the server infrastructure and optimizing the game’s performance.


“When we feel like these two areas are stable, we’ll be delighted to share the long-awaited launch date with you, then cross the finish line and start our long adventure together.


A third closed playtest is expected imminently.