Could Become The Ultimate Rally Simulator?

When you think of rally simulators, Richard Burns Rally or EA Sports WRC probably spring to mind. Could take the crown one day?





BeamNG Rally Stages


Within the vanilla version of BeamNG, rally stages are plentiful. Whether it be timed scenarios in specific cars or time trials in whichever car you choose. There is so much variety before you even come close to adding mods. Check out our Top 5 Best Time Trials Circuits to get some ideas if there are just too many options to choose from.


Dead Horse BeamNG Rally Stage


Utah’s most famous rally stage, Dead Horse Rally Stage, is a modded effort from author rootCBR. This 11.8 km long gravel stage will take all of your concentration. Starting at the old airfield and leading past the tallest cliffs and canyonlands Utah has to offer.





Sega Rally Re-Creation


For those of you who are of a certain age, the Sega Rally franchise will bring you back to the 90s. BeamNG Author Dsden has brought a handful of the Sega Rally stages to the title. Check out the comparison video below to see the surprising level of accuracy across one of the tarmac stages.





Two environments are available within this mod, the forest terrain and the desert terrain. Both terrains include recreations of classic stages as well as a few alterations to make them work with BeamNG. The AI race as the Sega AI did, but be aware of BeamNG’s famous soft body physics. Hitting jumps or punting drivers out of the way is nearly impossible if you want to finish the race.


Not only has the Sega rally mod added a handful of the iconic stages to BeamNG, but the incorporation of two free-to-download mods that perfectly re-create the iconic Castrol liveried Toyota Celica as well as the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II.





Car Choice


From vintage rally legends to modern sequential machinery; BeamNG has it all to offer. Not only are there endless stages and maps to choose from, but the variety of vehicles to tackle these stages is mind-blowing.












Pictured above is just a small selection of the vehicles that are on offer for you to tackle both the modded stages and the vanilla ones with. Configurations can be created from base model vehicles in the ‘Garage’ mode from the main menu.


There is an abundance of rally configurations available in the base game or from the Mod repository if creating your cars isn’t something you want to spend time doing. From the 4WD Hirochi Sunburst to the modded vintage Satsuma FWD car. There’s a rally car for every stage and every player.


Beta Project BeamNG Rally 1.0


BeamNG Rally 1.0 is the real reason for this piece. Created and published by Track Broseff on the BeamNG repository, this mod breathes a fresh new life into BeamNG. From custom rally stages on dirt and tarmac to custom car configurations based on real-world American Rally Association rules. BeamNG Rally 1.0 is the answer to every rally driver’s dreams.


Over 88 miles/141 kilometres of rally stage are available, and all stages can also be run in reverse within the time trial menus. The maps range from Utah to Jungle Rock Island and everything in between. The real draw to this specific rally mod, however, is the inclusion of pace notes. A revolutionary addition that has put BeamNG on the map for rally fans.








Future Ideas


More rallies on all suitable vanilla maps.Hirochi raceway could be made into a rallycross-type stage, mirroring the likes of Brands Hatch’s Winter rally stages. There is also a classic version of Hirochi raceway available, opening up the opportunity to have a classic version of the rallycross-like course for older generations of cars.


Different eras such as modern WRC and Group A/B.The inclusion of WRC-like cars is already in the mod with the Cherrier Vivace, however, a replica livery of modern machinery would go a long way. As for groups B and A, there are car mods available that could be utilised. Some further configurations and additional parts could be added to base content cars as well.


Custom rally parts.More classic rally parts such as light bars, body kits and classic liveries would be a great addition to further edit the configurations given by the mod creator.