Sim Racing: Top Sims Coming In 2024

Today, we’ll delve deep into some of the latest and greatest sims that are set to define the sim scene in 2024.


Le Mans Ultimate


Our first contender roaring onto the scene is none other than Le Mans Ultimate. This game is poised to revive the heart-pounding excitement of the world’s most renowned endurance race. Scheduled for release on February 20th, this sim utilizes the powerful technology of rFactor 2 , developed by Studio 397.





Assetto Corsa 2


Shrouded in secrecy, this game has emerged as a highly anticipated installment in the virtual racing world. Despite the absence of official images, excitement and speculation surround the upcoming release.


With the anticipation building, fans are eager for a modern update to the beloved Assetto Corsa series. The original game, Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione , set high standards for realistic racing simulations.





The expectation for the next installment includes the return of classic road cars and a nostalgic nod to the original game. As we await the summer of 2024, simracers are hopeful for a gaming experience that captures the essence of its predecessor.


GT Revival


Developed by the core team behind the beloved Project Cars series , GT Revival seeks to recapture the magic of mid-2000s motorsport with classic FIA GT1 cars and modern GT3 machinery.


While not much content is available yet, the static imagery released hints at the quality GT Revival aims to achieve. The uncertainty surrounding the release for 2024 leaves enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the potential launch in 2025.






Rennsport Full Release


RennSport’s strategic move of distributing beta keys throughout 2023 created a buzz of anticipation. This approach allowed a steady influx of users, providing the development team with valuable insights into the simulator’s performance. The early access momentum generated heightened interest, positioning RennSport as a simulator to watch in the evolving landscape.


Despite being in the beta phase, RennSport embraced a proactive content release strategy. Regular additions of circuits and cars kept the user base engaged, showcasing the development team’s commitment to delivering a diverse and evolving racing environment. This approach not only kept the community intrigued but also demonstrated RennSport’s dedication to staying relevant.





As RennSport navigates through the final stages of beta testing, the community eagerly anticipates the full release. The developments in 2023 set the stage for what could potentially be a groundbreaking entry into the Sim market. RennSport’s unique features and continuous community engagement have positioned it as a contender that could reshape the landscape in 2024.