Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.42 Cars and Events Confirmed, Bulgari Timed Exclusive

Following the formal teaser, and then the date reveal, the new content has been confirmed for Gran Turismo 7’s January 2024 update.


Following our predictions based on series producer Kazunori Yamauchi’s social media post, the three new cars available for Gran Turismo 7 this month are now confirmed.


Happily, they are what we expected:





Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Suzuki Jimny XC ’18





The ‘XC’ included in the game has narrow wings/fenders and slimline bumpers. That means this is the Japanese-market Kei car derivative, with a 658cc turbo engine.


Also, look how cute a modified variant looks in the cover image of this article?! We suspect the modification scene is where this car may excel, if not performance or handling prowess…


Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo Is A Timed Exclusive


The luxury Italian fashion brand has teamed up with Gran Turismo creators Polyphony Digital to create a low-slung open sports car. At the same time, there is a Bulgari Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Model watch.





Produced in limited quantities – 500 black and 1,200 yellow – those who purchase the device will gain early access to the car in-game.


Then for anyone not willing to pick up the £4,490/€5,200 watch will have to wait until February to drive it in-game.


「Those who purchase the ‘BVLGARI Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Model’ chronograph watch and register via the QR code will receive this car as a free gift with early access ahead of the official release in February (to be distributed as a Car Ticket each month beginning late Januar·、 reads the statement by Gran Turismo.


「Take this opportunity to experience BVLGARI’s revolutionary digital concept car alongside this Vision Gran Turismo 10th anniversary commemorative chronograph watch.」


Five New World Circuits Races


Alongside the new vehicles, there will be the following five new World Circuit single-player races added when the 1.42 update lands on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


Jimny Cup: Sardegna – Windmills / Willow Springs International Raceway / Lake Louise 

Vision Gran Turismo Trophy: Tokyo Expressway / Autodromo Nazionale Monza


Vertical Scapes


While we await the full changelog to spot any significant quality-of-life changes, it has been confirmed that a new vertical image mode will be available on select Scapes locations. In addition, a collection of ‘service areas’ will be added to this photography-based mode.





Two Additional ‘Extra’ Menus





Extra Menu No. 34 – ‘Collection: Nissan Motorsports’ (Collector Level 46 and above)

Extra Menu No. 35 – ‘Collection: Dodge’ (Collector Level 32 and above)