FERRARI 296 GT3 VIRTUAL CHALLENGE MONZA Race|KOBE CHAN Claims Victory and Takes the Top Spot

Points leader Marco Wong was absent from the Monza race, allowing Kobe Chan to successfully fend off Chris Tsang's challenge and secure his first personal victory. Chan also claimed pole position and the fastest lap award, earning a total of 29 points and taking the top spot in the standings. In the women's category, Cynthia Lok emerged as the Monza race champion, despite being a pre-race favorite.


During the qualifying session, Kobe Chan set a lap time of 1:46.340, narrowly beating Chris Tsang by 0.167 seconds and Yat Long Kong by 0.285 seconds to secure the top starting position. In the women's category, Cythia Lok recorded a time of 1:50.702, earning her the top starting position.


Kobe Chan had a rapid start, and Chris Tsang attempted to attack Chan from the outside line in the first turn, but lost speed and fell within the range of Oscar Tham's attack. After successfully defending against Tham's advances and retaining second place, Tsang was unable to catch up to Chan's slipstream, losing the opportunity to challenge him. Yat Long Kong, starting from third position, also had a difficult start and was overtaken by Oscar and Neuxer, resulting in a three-wide collision entering Turn 1, almost spinning out. Kong struggled in the middle of the race and finished in 7th place.


The leading trio in the front group had a relatively calm race, with Kobe in first and Chris in second, maintaining a gap of around two seconds until the finish line. Oscar Tham secured third place. In the women's category, Cythia displayed a steady performance and claimed victory. Keiko, due to exceeding the speed limit during the rolling start phase, was penalized and unable to challenge Cythia. Two rookie female drivers, Chloris and Whitty, successfully completed the 30-minute race in their debut appearance.


The closing race at Misano will take place tomorrow night, and everyone is invited to watch the live broadcast and witness the moment of crowning the champion.