Gomez Sim Industries Launches Formula Pro Elite V2 Sim Racing Wheel

The wheel that launched Gomez Sim Industries into the sim racing scene, the Formula Pro Elite, receives a suite of tweaks for a V2 update.


The Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite V2 sees the Texas-based company revisit its initial stand-out hit for 2024.





Over three years since the release of the first GSI FPE sim racing wheel, the updated model still features the impervious build quality we have come to expect alongside a formula or LMP-style silhouette. Having held a pre-production model at the Sim Formula Europe event, we can vouch for the solidity.


On the front are the expected LCD touchscreen (customisable read-outs can be created with the ubiquitous SimHub PC software) and rev-indicating lights. They are now joined by LED backlit push buttons with UV-printed icons.


Not seen on the previous edition were side rotaries, which are included here. They are mounted in the upper side grip holes, next to another addition – customisable illuminated indicators.





“When we started in late 2020 with the first the first Formula Pro Elite, it was a great wheel and is still a great wheel, but this [V2] takes all the feedback that we received in those first three years and applies it,” said Jose Sebastian Gomez, Founder and Executive Creative Director at GSI, to OverTake.


However, despite the extras, it is lighter thanks to subtle changes in form factor. The difference is most notable at the rear, with indented sections, a look that is also present on the five updated push-button rotary encoder design.


The top of the model is remarkably thinner compared to the original, and the grip design has been slightly rounded out. The gearshift and clutch paddles are fresh, with cavities, further imbuing a sense of svelteness.





The 300mm diameter V2’s base weight is ‘around’ 1.42kg, which GSI claims is a ~27 per cent saving over the predecessor, despite the additional items.


The FPE V2 – designed for use on higher-powered PC wheel bases by the likes of Simucube and Fanatec – is set for release in March 2024 for a starting price of $1250. It will be part of GSI’s extensive optional customisation programme.