Assetto Corsa 2|What Features Await?

The anticipation within Assetto Corsa community has reached a fever pitch with the impending release of Assetto Corsa 2 this summer in 2024. As we delve into the prospects of 2024, the focus is on what this highly awaited sequel could bring to the table.


Must Have: Advanced Weather System


The standout feature expected from Assetto Corsa 2 is the introduction of an advanced weather system. While dynamic weather has become a buzzword in the sim world, the community hopes that Assetto Corsa 2 will go beyond the standard fare.





The desire is for weather conditions that dynamically affect track surfaces, driving strategies, and overall race dynamics. A weather system that challenges racers to adapt on the fly and mirrors the unpredictability of real-world racing scenarios is on the community wishlist.


New Content: Scanned Circuits & Mods Supported


Tracks serve as the canvas upon which the racing experience unfolds. The expectation for Assetto Corsa 2 is not just the inclusion of new tracks but the modernization of existing ones.


The plea is for a concerted effort to breathe new life into familiar circuits, incorporating updated visuals, realistic trackside elements, and a level of detail that befits the next era of Assetto Corsa.





New Online Platform System: Integration with LFM?


One of the more ambitious predictions is the integration of Assetto Corsa 2 with the Low Fuel Motorsport. If realized, this integration could redefine experience of racing. The incorporation of rating system has the potential to elevate the immersion factor, allowing drivers to feel the nuances of their virtual vehicle and the skill.





While this remains speculative, it highlights the community’s desire for innovative collaborations that push the boundaries of realism in the sim.


Community-Focused Early Access: Building Together


As Assetto Corsa 2 gears up for an early access release, the hope is for a community-focused approach. Kunos Simulazioni has the opportunity to leverage the expertise of the modding community and the insights of passionate users. A collaborative early access phase could ensure that Assetto Corsa 2’s foundations are not only robust but also reflective of the diverse expectations within the community.





The Challenge of Comparisons: Striking the Right Balance


Kunos Simulazioni faces a unique challenge with Assetto Corsa 2—the burden of comparison with its predecessor, Assetto Corsa. The community’s desire is for AC2 to retain the essence that made its predecessor a success while introducing innovations that align with the current standards.





The Road Ahead: Summer 2024


As we peer into the future of simracing with Assetto Corsa 2, the road ahead is filled with promise and challenges. The integration of innovative features, a community-driven development approach, and the avoidance of pitfalls associated with sequels are critical elements that will shape Assetto Corsa 2’s trajectory.