TAS 2024|Honda Civic Type R Mugen revealed



There's a new Honda Civic Type R in town, and of course legendary Honda tuner Mugen is going to do its thing to the hottest Honda hot hatch. Or, more accurately, two things. Because this time around, with the FL5 CTR, Mugen is cooking up two flavors: Group A, and Group B—the production versions of the FL5 concept that Mugen showed off last year in Tokyo.


If that has you instantly thinking of the legendary FIA Group A and B rally categories, maybe that's intentional. Or maybe not. Neither of these Mugens appear to be rally machines, either tarmac or off-piste, so the names are more coincidence than inference. Instead, Group A and B refer to how involved the Mugen transformation is.





The Group A (the red one pictured above) is less involved, with a jutting front chin spoiler, aero vents on the trailing edge of the front fenders, upgraded side skirts, a large wing, a rear diffuser, and BBS wheels. Two types of upgraded brake pads are available, but the calipers and rotors are unchanged. It also gets a stainless steel sport exhaust and some interior bits, like a Mugen steering wheel, front seats, and shifter. Performance dampers and new LED taillights (not pictured, as unfortunately we only have the front angle renders of the two variants at the moment) round out the mix.





The Group B is a more significant makeover, with all of the Group A aero pieces rendered in carbon fiber and the addition of a carbon fiber hood and front fenders. Nineteen-inch BBS wheels; a fully upgraded brake kit composed of new rotors, calipers, and pads; and a titanium tuned sport exhaust round out the package—as far as we know. This is preliminary information, and details like increased engine output or tuning are unknown at this time.