Levitty One Luxury Racing Simulator Cockpit

These days there is no shortage of driving simulator chassis ranging from very affordable to rather expensive. And then there is the luxury category for the selected few, where the pricing becomes the main attraction of the product.


The story of Levitty started at the race track in Barcelona where Dutch automotive designer Jordi Wiersma and Levitty co-founder Diego were watching cars fly by. While talking about the future of racing the conversation turned to sim racing, wondering what would happen if you design a racing simulator like you would do a supercar? Somewhat later in 2023, the Levitty company was born. The duo spent the following months talking and sketching. Sketches turned into 3D models. Models turned into prototypes. And before they knew it, the Levitty One started taking shape.


The Levitty One is a relatively small-footprint driving simulator cockpit that aims to be an esthetic beauty while providing an immersive and realistic driving experience. It is made from high-quality materials and features a sleek, minimalist design that looks like it belongs in a luxury car showroom. The body, seat, and integrated monitor stand are made out of Carbon Fibre, while also materials such as leather, and Alcantara are utilized.


While no exact technical details are provided, the product is listed with a 25Nm Direct Drive Steering wheel, and a hydraulic Pedal Box. Both the pedals and steering wheel are fully adjustable to provide drivers of all sizes with a perfect fit. The visuals are provided via a 49” Ultra-wide QHD Gaming Screen while the audio is provided via an integrated surround sound system.


As a turnkey system, the Levitty One comes with a PC system. Details or specs are not shared. The chassis is also supposed to have some form of haptic feedback built in, but as with most of the shared specs and used products, for now, your guess is as good as mine.


Now for the fun part. The base version of the Levitty One is available on pre-order at a starting price of US$ 60000 + shipping and taxes when applicable. Optional accessories can be provided, but no product details or pricing details are shared. The first shipments are scheduled for early 2024.