Second Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown closed playtest starts 27th October

It follows the first in July and media hands-on during Gamescom, as further features are explained and screenshots released.



While it likely won’t be in large quantities, registration is open to the public for a second closed playtest within Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.


The ambitious project has recreated the entirety of Hong Kong Island and will be an always-online MMO with time of day, weather and even radio stations synched globally and simultaneously.



It’s not clear how long this second playtest will last – the first was a scant three days – but those who were lucky enough to play back in July will not have to re-register. Everyone else, with a gaming PC, can register via the newsletter sign-up on the title’s website.


The news follows a fifth Solar Club Letter that revealed new in-game images and runs through the previously discussed – during our hands-on preview – music, physics and game cameras.



KT Racing’s modern interpretation of the Free Ride Instant Money (F.R.I.M.) has also been detailed. While driving, cash is earned through the following activities, plus more:


  • High speed
  • Overtaking in extremis
  • Wrong way
  • Drift
  • Good driving


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is now set for an ‘early’ 2024 release for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S while a Nintendo Switch version is still being evaluated.