Z-Challenger Racing VLOG-MCGP Day 5


17 Nov – Day 5


The Z-CR was first driven by F4 driver, #82 Royce Yu. In Q2 Lap 3, he set a lap record of 2:33.959. However, he was unfortunate to encounter a double yellow flag due to an accident at the Fisherman's Bend section, and later a red flag, which disrupted his lap times. He finished the race in P5.


Let's move on to the TCR race! Originally, the race program would have the top 12 finishers from Q1 advance to Q2 to determine the starting grid for Race 1. However, due to an accident, the race was briefly stopped, and the organizers ultimately canceled Q2, which may have impacted some drivers' plans. Tomorrow's TCR pole position will be held by #3 Andy Yan, with #28 Lo SzeHo starting from the second position, and #13 Jason Mok starting from the tenth position.